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About Me

My Platform

My passion is my family and teaching, I am a single father of two daughters who inspire me to help change my community and district. My two daughters helped me learn more about social justice and inspired me to get out to help initiate change in social justice one day at a time. I am a social studies teacher at Carver High School, the subjects I teach are Civics and World History. I have enjoyed teaching high school students for the past four years about how the world works as well as helping my students understand how the government works for them. 

My reasoning for getting into teaching was to be able to help mold minds and help my students see their world and their government in a different light. My experience in teaching has involved four years in the classroom and ten years on the football field at Winston-Salem State University. As a teacher, it has been my privilege to dedicate myself year after year to helping my students and players improve their futures by showing them how to get involved in their community and district.

Issues that are very important to me and will affect my daughters have motivated me throughout my life. I believe if we invest in our children's future as a community and district then their future will be bright and very fulfilling. 


I'm running for the NC House to bring my experience and priorities to the General Assembly and be a voice for my district and community. I hope to earn your support on March 5th. 


Marcus Pearson


My Platform
The Future for  North Carolina

Public Education

Right now a child's educational outcomes can be determined by their zip code. That's not right. Our schools are crumbling year after year, with decades-old textbooks, and a lack of school resources. Meanwhile, our teachers are underpaid by the legislature, overworked, and being forced to move out of North Carolina to make a living. As a current teacher, I'm ready to stand up for our public schools and our students so I can help make our public schools better. 

Workers Rights

I want to protect workers in North Carolina because our workers are underpaid and overworked, and I understand how they feel. We need to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $20.00 because that is a livable wage. I will work to repeal RIGHT-TO-WORK and get new collective bargaining started again. We need to protect our workers and enforce the protections we already have. 

Reproductive Rights

As a state, we have taken the right to an abortion away from women in this state. Our state assembly has let you down, as have our representatives. I stand with all women in my district and this state with one phrase: MY BODY, MY CHOICE!!!!!. 

Access to Healthcare

Choosing between everyday needs or paying for medication has become a reality for many people in Forsyth County and North Carolina. First and foremost, healthcare access to North Carolinian families has to be a priority. This priority will have a huge impact on our communities. With more legislation, my promise to you is to make your health care important to the general assembly members. You deserve access to quality healthcare, no matter where you live or who you are.


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